Stefanova & Tochkov


Commercial and tax law

Complete legal services in connection with business activities and investments of Bulgarian as well as foreign companies.

Bulgaria applies one of the lowest taxation levels in the European Union of individual income and of company profits. Under the Corporate Income Tax Act all legal entities and unincorporated business entities doing business in the country are subject to corporate tax at the rate of 10%. Since January 1, 2008, individual income is also taxed at a flat tax rate of 10%. The low tax rates, the simplified taxation, coupled with a stable macroeconomic framework, make Bulgaria promising and desirable to develop business and trade.

Our team provides wide range of legal services:
• Registration, transformation and liquidation of companies;
• Changes in the management and representation of companies;
• Mergers and acquisitions of companies, legal analysis (due diligence);
• Insolvency proceedings;
• Legal advice, drafting of contracts, negotiation in commercial matters and disputes;
• Assistance in the management of human resources (preparation of documents related to the requirements of labor and social security legislation);
• Assistance with registration of branches of foreign companies and representations;
• Tax consultations and representation, as well as consultations on optimization of the tax burden;
• Procedural representation in administrative and commercial disputes;
• Cases related to banking and other financial institutions;
• Assistance and representation in conducting negotiations with banks in order to achieve the most favorable terms for the client;
• Assistance in respect of compliance with the legal requirements for processing of personal data and proceedings before the Commission for Personal Data Protection;
• Registration of trademarks, patents and intellectual property protection;
• Proceedings before the Commission for Protection of Competition;
• Proceedings before commercial arbitration bodies, as well as assistance in out-of-court dispute resolution;
• Through our international partners, we offer fast registration of companies and bank accounts in foreign offshore zones;