Stefanova & Tochkov


Human rights law

The team of the law firm has longstanding specialization in human rights law, which is successfully applied before national and international courts, law enforcement bodies and organizations:

- Litigation before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and legal representation in the course of all proceedings before the Court;
- Drafting applications for "interim measures" before the Court in Strasbourg;
- Litigation and representation in claims for damages caused by state bodies (cases under the State Responsibility for Damages Act);
- Procedural representation in the procedure under Article 60a of the Judicial System Act - claims for damages caused by a violation of the "reasonable timefare" right;
- Procedural representation in the administrative and court procedure under the Protection against discrimination Act;
- Cases based on the special texts of the Penalty Execution and Detention Act for damages from the conditions under which are carried cusodian sentences and detention orders "in custody";
- Proceedings in the special texts of the Penalty and Detention Enforcement Act obliging enforcement bodies to carry out a specific action or to refrain from acting;
- Representation before the United Nations Human Rights Committee in regards to complaints for violations of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights;